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Four things that define me

When people work together I believe that it all comes down to how well they get along. One thing I learned in my short career span is that I achieve the best results when working with people that share the same mindset and values as me. That’s why I want to tell you about those four things that I feel you need to know about me. I kept it short on purpose. If you want to know more just hit me up and let’s talk.

#1 — I think laziness is a good thing
People often talk about laziness as if it’s something bad. For me, being lazy means being effective. Because at the end of the day, time is the most valuable thing we have. That’s why I always like to find the easiest and fastest solution for a problem. Why re-invent the wheel when you have so many great tools available? Get creative with them and use them to your advantage. In a fast-paced industry like the startup-industry where money is often a crucial factor I found this to be especially true.
My portfolio uses medium.com. It’s not because I’m “lazy”. It’s because I know what’s important when creating a portfolio: The content! I don’t want to mess around with Wordpress, HTML or some drag n’ drop tools. Believe me, I’ve done that! It’s the biggest distraction there is. Creating great content is already hard enough. So why make it even harder? Creating my portfolio on medium.com allows me to just focus on the content.

#2 — I prefer doing over talking(aka. why I love rapid prototyping)
I want to create stuff. I believe that giving people (be it coworkers, investors or potential clients) something tangible is the best way of explaining them something. That’s why I love prototyping so much. It blends in perfectly with my philosophies. We often find ourselves (over-)thinking stuff like “what could be if…?” when in fact there is only one way of finding out: Just do it!
It also plays a huge role in my way of working as a designer. I want to make decisions based on data and real feedback. Not on assumptions. Rapid prototyping allows me to do that. I can easily come up with a rough sketch, make it tangible and then get feedback. I don’t need a perfect mockup to do that. It’s going to change anyway. So why waste time on something that’s going to get ditched anyway?

#3 — Honesty and transparency are very important to me
I’ll tell everything how it is and I don’t really have a filter: I’m bold and to the point. I found this to be the best way of working (and living in general). Because to me, communication should be as simple and as straightforward as possible. Being honest is not always easy and in some cases it means letting people down. But I try to always be open and honest and I expect people to do the same with me.
When I go to work I want to be me. I don’t want to pretend to be someone I’m not. That’s why I want to work in an environment where honesty and transparency is part of the culture.

#4 — I like to be surrounded by people with a growth-mindset
Working in the field of digital product design means working on the cutting edge. It requires us to always improve and never stop learning. The same thing also applies to me as a human being. I feel the need to grow and I think one can achieve anything if he really has the passion and persistence to pursue his goals.
In my personal life I surround myself with people that have this growth-mindset. People who believe that they’re capable of achieving whatever it is they want. When working with people I look for this same mindset. Those are the people that bring me up. And those are the people that I want to work with. Because together we can create outstanding results!
As you can see, my personal and professional values tend to overlap. That’s why I love being in the startup/tech industry: It’s a place that enables me to just be me.

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